Being sick of those shrieking guitars and a mixture of feelings watching what I wanted to behold but I wasn’t supposed to do for my own benefit, I decided to leave.

With the passage of distance and time, I was finally feeling alright but surprise! There it was again. A face that melts my heart every time I see it. The forbidden fruit before me. It’s terribly  amusing to find things which you find hard to leave coming your way in such a way.

I, the acting Oscar, bowed my head, rolled my eyes and pretended to be completely unaware of things around and sat empty-hearted finishing my meal as fast as I could. Swiftly I made my way out of the mess, but I heard the familiar voice behind,” I’m coming in a short while, I just gotta do some work“. “Okay then, be quick“, said the boy. I was super-horrified. I had lost the guts to face this. I felt as if I was being followed for the obvious reason- He wanted to talk to me, Again.

I paced back to hostel and the voices of footsteps could no longer be heard. I was anxious. I didn’t want him to stop now. I turned and there he was. He passed my way, ‘pretending’ to be calling someone on phone. He turned out a way better actor. He left and I was still there. My Heart was racing but I was still. Days are getting longer.


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